This year we challenge you to “Reimagine”. Do things differently. Ask critical questions:

If I were to relaunch the business I have today, what would it look like? 
If I were to start a new business today, what would it look like? 
If I were to close my business today, would anyone shed a tear? 
What can I do to change that?

Give yourself a blank canvas and start reimagining at every level. There’s never been a better time to reimagine if you are at the intersection of travel and technology.

the wIT team

Yeoh Siew Hoon

Yeoh Siew Hoon is the founder of WIT, launching it in Singapore in 2005 and going on to launch WIT across Asia Pacific, and London in 2016.

WIT has won awards including Most Innovative Marketing Initiative and Trade Conference Of The Year and in 2014, Siew Hoon was recognised Tourism Entrepreneur of The Year in Singapore. A journalist by profession and passion, she’s a speaker and facilitator at events as well as published author of “Around Asia In One Hour: Tales of Condoms, Chillies & Curries” “Adventures of Habibie The Turtle” and “The Story of Baitong and Boon”.



Gerry is the event organizer extraordinaire of WIT conferences and events.

Gerry has extensive experience in advertising and event managment having organised medical conferences and large scale consumer events before joining the WIT team.

His meticulous attention to detail ensures that all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted in preparation for every event he manages.



Syazanah Haniff

Syaz met WIT as a wide-eyed entrepreneur with an online travel startup. Her first encounter with a WIT Conference saw her competing at the WIT Startup Pitch as one of the few pioneers.

The inspiring individuals she met within the WIT community attracted her to stay and since then she has been actively assisting Siew Hoon & Gerry in putting up the most exciting and inspiring string of online travel conferences in Asia Pacific. 




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Gerry Pang
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